10 Reasons Nursing is a Great Career Choice

Are you thinking of a career in the medical field, but you’re not sure which option is best for you? Consider nursing – it’s one of the most respected professions world-wide. There are hundreds of reasons to consider a career in nursing – and here are a few:

1 – We need nurses

Nurses are in short supply all over the world, not just in South Africa, but SA really needs more good, qualified, competent nurses. As a professional job that’s in high demand, you will be filling a niche that’s critically short of people, which means you will be active in making the country a better place.

2 – Job security

There will always be people in need of medical care, which means there will always be a need for nurses. By choosing nursing as a career, you will be well positioned to find work and, if you are a competent nurse, you will always be in demand.

3 – See the world

Want to move to a new city or province? Your nursing qualification can help make it a reality. Every major and minor city has one or several hospitals, and even small towns have a need for good nurses. You can even travel to other countries as an employed nurse, or as a nurse volunteer with Doctors Without Borders.

4 – Choose your environment

Nursing isn’t just about government hospitals – there are many options open to nurses. You can work in public or private hospitals, in a medical practice, as a home caregiver, in schools or old-age homes, and even in the corporate environment. There are hundreds of possibilities open to nurses.

5 – It’s not just for women

While the majority of nurses around the world are women, that is starting to change. More men are joining the profession, making it an equal opportunity career choice.

6 – You can specialise

Not all nurses do the same job. You can specialise in a certain medical field, like orthopaedics, psychiatry, oncology and many more. If you are passionate about treating children, you could specialise as a paediatric nurse, while cardiac nurses can focus on those with heart problems. Whatever field of medicine interests you, there is a nursing specialisation.

7 – Meet all kinds of people

As a nurse, you will get to meet thousands of different people during your career. You will soon realise that each of those people is a unique person with their own fears, hopes and stories to tell. It can make for a truly fascinating life.

8 – You can care for family and friends

There is nothing more terrifying than if a family member or friend gets hurt or sick and nobody knows what to do. Nurses, however, are trained to deal with emergencies, so you could be the difference between them getting better quickly or struggling for months with their illness.

9 – Saving lives

Imagine how wonderful it must feel to know that someone is alive today because of you. Now imagine that feeling hundreds or even thousands of times over. Nurses save lives every day through their skills and knowledge.


10 – Great schooling options

In South Africa, all nurses have to be trained by an institution that is accredited by the South African Nursing Council. These schools are thoroughly versed in ensuring that both public and private nurses as properly qualified to do their jobs, and many of them also offer scholarships, bursaries or other financial assistance.

Nursing is a fantastic career option for someone who is caring, compassionate and passionate about helping people get better. If you are looking for a nursing school, visit the SANC website to find accredited institutions and courses.

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