Not All Interview Questions Have The Perfect Answer!


You are ready! You have the perfect outfit that makes you feel good, you have practised all the potential questions and you have the butterflies in your stomach flying in formation.

And although you are primed to believe the recruiter is looking for the perfect answer – many don’t always expect the ‘perfect’ answer.


They are looking for authentic people that have the right attitude and are willing to dive into problems.


Questions such as:-


What was the biggest problem you had to solve?


Here the recruiting manager is looking to see how you approach challenges and whether you are willing to tackle difficult situations. They are not necessarily looking for the smartest person in the room but someone who will get the job done and not run away when the going gets tough.


Although we all wish we could explain a situation where we turned a situation around in 3 easy steps, most problems are more complicated than that. Outline the situation, then what steps you took to improve the situation and what the outcome was.


Tell me about a situation you wish you had done differently?


This question can throw you off guard, especially when it follows a question like what are your greatest achievements or work highlights. This jarring effect is usually done intentionally. Here you need to discuss something you didn’t do well.


This is an answer that needs to come from the heart. You can’t script this too much. It needs to be a realistic example without a life-changing, gut-wrenching lesson. It needs to show that you are open enough to admit when you are wrong.


What are your interests outside of work?


This often sounds like an easy question but it is fraught with traps. What if the recruiter hates what you do or thinks your doll collection is weird? But in truth, the recruiter just wants to know what you do when you are not at work. What you are passionate about and how you communicate that. Don’t say you love rugby just because the interviewers’ office is plastered with rugby heroes. The recruiter just wants to know that you are a normal, everyday person that will get on with the rest of the team.


The real kicker to all these questions is that there are no perfect answers and you should be prepared to answer them. Don’t worry that your answers are not perfectly manicured. Be human, think on your feet and handle these awkward situations with grace.


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