The Role of a Registration Pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, the role of a Registration Pharmacist stands out as a vital link between pharmaceutical companies and the governing bodies responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications. These professionals play a crucial role in the registration process of new drugs and treatments, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while safeguarding public health.

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Exploring the Vital Role of Medical Science Liaisons in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, bridging the gap between medical science and commercial operations is a critical function that drives success and innovation. One indispensable role that ensures this synergy is that of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL). These professionals serve as the link between the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community, facilitating essential exchanges of information and knowledge.

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The Vital Role of a QA Pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in improving global healthcare outcomes, ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications. Within this industry, Quality Assurance (QA) pharmacists play a vital role in maintaining high standards and regulatory compliance. Let’s delve into the responsibilities, benefits, and career prospects of a QA pharmacist, shedding light on their invaluable contributions to the pharmaceutical sector.

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Medical Reps behaving Badly

Many medical representatives inadvertently annoy their customers by behaving badly in the doctors’ place of work. Here is a list of what-not-to-do in doctors waiting rooms so you can develop your own reputation as a professional medical representative. Display good basic manners, show up on time, don’t sit around and chat with the doctors’ staff thereby keeping them away from

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Carer Jobs in the UK

Job Description The concept behind being a Live-In carer is to ensure that all your clients needs are seen to, and to allow them to stay in their own home for as long as possible. As a live-in carer you will be expected to assist the client with this, and your duties would be but not limited to: Nutritional needs

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A Career as a Paramedic

Paramedic Job Description A paramedic or EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) is a health care worker who responds to emergency medical calls providing on-site aid, stabilising and treating patients and transporting them safely to medical facilities. They can be found in emergency response vehicles, ambulances or in helicopters and air ambulances to air lift patients. Responsibilities As an EMT or paramedic

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Tips for TEAMs and ZOOM interviews

Companies across the globe have adapted their recruiting processes post- COVID-19 lockdown. More and more candidates are accepting jobs in places they have never been to before in countries they do not even live in. Companies are moving online in many ways to allow flexibility of their staff and even during the hiring process. Although the recruiting process can be

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How your Social Media Profiles affect your job interviews

Social Media Profiles It is important to keep all your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, professional, clean and moderate. Think about the image you would like to project to bosses, your family and other professionals. Review your posts and remove any that don’t reflect a clean, healthy, positive image. Many companies and recruiters use

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