Medical Reps behaving Badly

Many medical representatives inadvertently annoy their customers by behaving badly in the doctors’ place of work.

Here is a list of what-not-to-do in doctors waiting rooms so you can develop your own reputation as a professional medical representative.

  • Display good basic manners, show up on time, don’t sit around and chat with the doctors’ staff thereby keeping them away from their work.
  • If you are going to show up unannounced, don’t go empty handed – a small box of treats goes a long way to softening the intrusion and is a kind gesture.
  • Don’t show up unannounced during lunch time expecting attention as this is a catch-up time for doctors.
  • Should you require something urgently like the doctor’s signature on a form, call the office and notify them ahead of time so the doctor will be aware of your arrival. Don’t say you will be there in 10 minutes and arrive two hours later. When you are in the office, be polite and quiet, get what you need and leave – don’t hang around talking to the staff or patients.
  • To ensure you have the doctors undivided attention, try scheduling a lunch appointment for the doctor and include the staff in the treats (If your boss doesn’t allow it, tell him it is the only way you are allowed to see the doctor.) Show and demonstrate your product then leave.
  • DO NOT phone or follow up with the doctor every 48 hours!
  • Do not complain or bad mouth your company/job/ boss/ salary/friends/ fellow representatives and other doctors.
  • Remember that it will take time for some doctors to warm up to you – it’s just like building any relationship.
  • You are visiting him in his place of business, and he expects you to do your business professionally, quickly and with excellent knowledge of your products without disrupting his practice.

Always remain professional, be neat, tidy, dressed appropriately, and importantly, know and understand the product and your customers.

You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression!

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