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It is important to keep all your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, professional, clean and moderate. Think about the image you would like to project to bosses, your family and other professionals. Review your posts and remove any that don’t reflect a clean, healthy, positive image.

Many companies and recruiters use social media to source or just check you out. Make sure your profile reflects the kind of image you would like a future employer to see. Potential employers will not be impressed to see foul language, skimpy clothing, endless partying or discriminatory comments.

Keep your profile interesting showing a variety of interests and articles. Don’t use social media to rant about your friends, family boss or your job. Once it’s online it is in the ether and can forever be used against you.

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is professional, up-do-date and in sync with your CV. Your
profile picture should depict you in your work environment. Always be diplomatic in your postings and responses. Be positive, fresh and engaged. Don’t use bad language or inappropriate photographs. Try not to appear desperate.

In Insta and Twitter use the appropriate hashtags# such as #medicaljobs, #adminjobs, #recruiters, #Hiring, #jobs, #work, #seekingjob, #employme to find employers and companies hiring in your field.

Connect to people and organizations in the field in which you work. Join groups or discussions of interest and get involved. Never be afraid to ask for help.

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