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An established medical devices company has an opportunity for a Clinical Training and Marketing Manager with 3-4 years  prior medical device training and product management experience.

2.     Job purpose summary

Training Manager: Develops and administers training programs for employees, assess trainingand development needs for organisation, help individuals develop skills and knowledge, creates training manuals, presents in-person training sessions, monitors training for effectiveness. Marketing Manager: Manages all the Marketing activities and all aspects of operations and administrations attached to this role.

5-14.    Required education and experience:

Bachelor’s degree

Experienceinthemedicalindustry Project management experience Train the Trainer qualification Management experience

Required skill set

Excellentcommunicationandadministrationskills Ability to think creatively and innovatively

Budget management and planning Professional judgment and discretion Dependabilityandgoodtimemanagement

Goodcommunicationandteammanagementskills Problem solving skills

Ability to work under pressure Approachableandpatientattitude

Ability to display fairness, honesty and integrity


Summary of overall objectives of the job. These are also key responsibilities andaccountabilities.

  1. Clinical Training Manager


Objectives/Responsibilities/Accountabilities Essential functions + Travel Time
1.Oversee and Manage training of Sales staff both new and existing. This includes allinternal and external training requirements. Frequency of training of new staff is dependent on staff turnover. Frequency of training for existing staff is ongoing and occursweekly and monthly.

External training occurs as business requirements change e.g.The need for external Excel training for managers etc.

2.Work with Sales team and Sales managers to Identify gaps in knowledge and address withthe Sales team. This is a daily function as a simple question from the reps telephonically can turn into a telephonic training/discussionsession

about a product. This may further result in resending important information and documentation to the Sales Rep.

3.Regular update of all training material. This is an ongoing function that can be daily or weekly. Changes to training material may take a few minutes or a fewhours, depending on the number of changes required and if I have to await further

supporting documentation from the suppliers or internal staff.

4.Refresher training for existing staff. Frequency of training for existing staff is ongoing and occurs weekly and monthly. The need for training usually arises as aneed identified by the sales staff, their manager or me.

Training also occurs when a new product is added to our portfolio.

5.Accurate record keeping of all training. This occurs monthly or daily as training occurs.
6.Work with Sales managers to ensure product training is conducted by Sales team. This is done monthly over a few days when all training documentation is requested from the Sales staff and is filed electronically. Corrections to these documents occurs over a few


7. Working with Reps infield to further identify

areas in which sales staff need more training or more support from a manager.

This is currently being implemented based on requirements defined by the national sales manager and me.
8.  Accurate record keeping that isPOPI compliant.

9.  Oversee the Sales team Trainingand Marketing monthly budget.

This is done monthly when the Sales team submits their training records.

The training records are stored electronically.

This is monitored throughout the month and double checked atthe end of the month when expenses are submitted. This is done in conjunction with the National and Area sales managers.

10. Ensure all relevant regulations and Codes of Conduct are followed by the Sales Team This is monitored throughout the month.
11.Formulate and Manage training budget and work within the allocated budget amount. Difficult to monitor as no reports are received. Accurate reportsare difficult to obtain due to the merge of cost centers.
12. Manage and Coordinate RF training for doctors This is carried out as doctors are identified for RF Training.


  1. Marketing Manager
Objectives/Responsibilities/Accountabilities Essential functions
1.Formualte and Manage marketing budget and work within the allocated budget amount. Accurate reports collected from various cost centers.
2. Approve and oversee the development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects. This is does not have a time frame and is ongoing. Constant reviewing is required as business requirements and regulations change. This is also budget dependent.

Includes managing external suppliers.

3.Manage and oversee special projects allocated by the Directors of The company. This does not have a time frame.
4.Managing all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department. This is does not have a time frame and is ongoing.
5.Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events. This is conducted throughout the year as these responsibilitiesare executed over months until the main event.
6.Directing, planning and coordinating marketing efforts. This is conducted throughout the year as per businessrequirements. These responsibilities are also budget dependent.

Includes managing external suppliers.

7.Management of all product listings with Discovery Health This is does not have a time frame and is ongoing.
8.Planning and organising of company meetings: This is conducted twice a year.


  1. Responsibility areas
    • Communicating (in relation to whom, what, how – and this is applicable to all below)
    • Planning and organising (of .)

All company events, training and marketing initiatives.

15.3        Managing information or general administration support (of what..)

All internal and external training records.

Support given to Salesteam e.g., travelbookings,accommodation etc. POPIA compliant record keeping of patient files.

15.4        Monitoring and reporting (of what..)

Monitoring and reporting on progress of new staff to Sales managers post training and during probationperiod.

This is also reported to Sales managers should I notice anything concerning with the sales team oranything else relevant.

15.5        Evaluating and decision-making (of what..)

Evaluation of products and marketing and training material.

15.6        Financial budgeting and control (of what..)

I am responsible for the submission and management of the Marketing and Training budget.

15.7        Producing things (what..)

Producing accurate and functional marketing material and training guides.

15.8        Maintaining/repairing things (what..)


15.9        Quality control (for production roles normally a separate responsibility; otherwisethis is generally incorporated within other relevant responsibilities) (of what..)


15.10     Health and safety (what..)

Training staff on the safe and effective use of our products, generators etc. to ensure the health andsafety for our staff, patients and clients.

15.11     Using equipment and systems (what..)

Training staff on the correct use/indication for our products and CRM system.

  • Creatinganddevelopingthings(what..) Marketing: Development of Marketing material Training: Creation of Training content

15.13     Self-development


  • Plus anyresponsibilities forother staff ifapplicable, typically: 15.14.1Recruiting (of direct-reporting staff)
  • Assessing (direct-reporting staff)
  • Training (direct-reporting staff)
  • Managing (direct-reporting staff)

My responsibility extends to the assessing, training and development of the Sales team. Adminteam is managed by the Finance and Operations Manager.

15.15     Senior roles will include more executive aspects:

  • Developing policy

Potential involvement in new policies and procedures.

15.15.2                  Duty of care and corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility – part of daily duties.

Duty of Care- Ensure New staff are aware of the company values and act in accordance to it whenrepresenting the company.

15.15.3                  Formulation of direction and strategy

Working with the Sales managers to ensure that the Sales team have direction and the correctmessages/material/training to promote products.


  1. Problems,conflicts

To manage as and when arises

 Specific details about your role’s day-to-day responsibilities

  • Daily discussions with sales reps and sales managers to ensure the team has all requirements formeetings, detailing and training
  • Managing emails ensuring contents of email are actioned/addressed or responded to where
  • Following up on all projects currently working on with suppliers
  • Infield travel with
  • Training planned or ad
  • Discussions with Sales reps during office
  • Planning of company event and congresses
  • Attending online sessions- suppliers, customers and compliance teams.
  • Assisting Admin team with product info for submissions or feedback to customers.
  • Research and data collection for

19.  Special Projects

Assisting in the development and creation of the TMS Clinic websiteand social media site. This is still in progress. Assisting with the operational requirements for the TMS Clinic.

20.  Any changes in direction or strategy that you may have noticed or would like to bring to our attention?

Nothing at this point in time.

21.  Contribution to Company’s success

The role directly impacts:

The sale of products.

The sales team’s confidence and knowledge in selling a product successfully and confidently. This isachieved through effective training, working infield with the sales team, providing all relevant material and support that they require and need.

Maintaining and contributing to the corporate identity and good standing.

Ensuring that the sales team abides by The company’s  Purpose, Vision, Mission, andValues.


A discussion with the directors will highlight areas and key responsibilities. These may vary over time.


Package 50K-60K

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Subject : Training & MM


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