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Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics for Cruise Ships

Job Description

The typical shipboard medical team consists of a Senior Doctor, a Doctor, a Senior Nurse, two to three Nurses and on some ships, two Paramedics.   Patients may present with a wide array of illnesses or injuries requiring a range of treatment options from simple outpatient care to complex inpatient, ICU and trauma management.  The teams work closely to ensure that solid, evidence-based medical care is provided at all times.

With broad experience and proven proficiency in emergency medicine, doctors and their team of nurses and paramedics are expected to manage acute medical emergencies, trauma patients and a diverse general practice case load.  Special attention is given to crew health, public health and management of infectious diseases.   As is the case on land, major disaster preparedness is of utmost importance.  Regular drills ensure that all medical staff are familiar and competent in their roles should a situation arise.

The Senior Doctor is the most senior officer in the Medical Department on board.  Together with the Senior Nurse they are responsible for managing the medical centre and medical staff.  The Senior Doctor primarily consults passengers during clinics times, whereas the Doctor primarily consults with crew.  On call responsibilities are shared between the doctors.  As there are no laboratory technicians, radiographers, administrative staff or general assistants in the medical team, these duties are performed by the medical staff.  Computer literacy is essential as many ships have electronic  health records.

Paramedics or nurses act as first responders, triaging emergency calls, assessing and treating at scene, and packaging and transferring patients to the primary medical facility.  Between receiving calls and retrievals, paramedics assist with clinics, inpatients and the general running of the medical centre.  Through the use of specific patient group protocols, nurses practice autonomously whilst under the authority of doctors, assessing patients and providing appropriate treatment and advice.


  • As a medical professional working on board passenger cruise ships, you’ll become part of a close-knit team of cruise ship medical experts able to provide personal, one-on-one medical care to patients from start to finish. 

    Life at sea will also give you the opportunity to experience the most beautiful, diverse locations in the world virtually every day – from the crystal clear warm waters and beaches of the Caribbean to the glaciers of the Baltic. You’ll sail down the Grand Canal of Venice and through the Panama or Suez Canals. From cycling in Holland, to zip-lining in the jungles of Costa Rica, scuba-diving in Hawaii to snorkeling in the Red Sea or swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand – activities ashore never end! Explore the Amazon jungle and see the Taj Mahal in India, or the Eiffel tower in Paris, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil or the ruins of Pompeii. Take a stroll down las Ramblas in Barcelona in Spain. Or go whale watching, dog-sledding or glacier hiking in Alaska. Eat pizza in Pisa, tapas in Mallorca and enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea in New York City. Or just browse through the curios in Jamaica, take a nap under a palm tree in Tahiti and have lunch with friends in Sydney.

Job Requirements

  1. Doctors

    • South African qualified doctors with MBChB or MBBCh
    • Registered as an independent medical practitioner with the HPCSA

    Registered Nurses


    • South African qualified ALS (Advanced Life Support) Paramedics
    • ALS, ECT, ECP, CCA, NDip, BTech
    • Registered as independent practitioner with the HPCSA

    Application criteria for all applicants

    • A minimum of three years post-graduate clinical experience
    • Current ACLS certificate
    • Fluent in English (written, grammar and spoken language)
    • Computer literacy
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Valid passport
    • Eligible for a USA C1D visa
    • Commitment to a minimum of one year employment (two 4-month contracts)

    Experience in acute care, especially management of respiratory and cardiac emergencies (such as the management of  arrhythmias and acute coronary syndromes, and the management of ventilated patients) is essential.  Experience working private healthcare facilities is highly desirable.

How To Apply

For more information, please visit our website or simply email your CV to us.

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Contact: Dr Russell Thomson

Atlantic Medical Recruitment’s vision is to personally source the most suitably qualified and experienced medical staff to fill positions on board some of the finest passenger cruise ships in the world – doctors, nurses and paramedics that are mature, experienced in providing a high standard of evidence-based general and emergency medical care, and most of all, willing and keen to travel.

We believe in placing suitable candidates in the best positions available in the cruise ship industry. For this reason, we recruit exclusively for cruise liners that provide quality, evidence-based medical care and medical facilities on board their vessels.

On our website you may find answers to some of the questions you may have about practicing Cruise Ship Medicine – not a specialty in itself, but a unique combination of general practice, emergency medicine, public health, pre-hospital care, disaster medicine, medical systems and staff management all in one. 

Growing in popularity amongst South African doctors, nurses and paramedics, a career in cruise ship medicine has great benefits! 

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