Meetings in Lockdown: Tips for the virtual interview

Companies across the globe have adapted their recruiting processes to accommodate COVID-19 lockdown and the restrictions that that entails. More and more candidates are accepting jobs in places they have never been to before in countries they do not even live in. Companies are moving online in many ways to allow flexibility of their staff and even during the hiring process.
Although the recruiting process can be stressful, its beneficial to arm yourself with as much information as possible by researching the country, company, town, or city along with the expected role you will be in.

The online hiring process
A company will advertise the available position and receive and filter through the CVs until they have a selection of suitable candidates. From there a telephonic interview will be conducted to further screen the candidates. Once interest has been narrowed down to a select few, virtual interviews can take place, this can be from one to four possible interviews with various different people in the company. As virtual or face-to-face interviews have been completed the company will provide feedback to successful candidates.

Tips to help you Ace the online interview
1. Test your technology, ensure your camera and microphone are working well prior to your interview, you can ask a friend or family member to help you. Ensure your background is neat and tidy (No messy or busy rooms, you want the focus to be on you). Find a private, quiet location where you won’t be interrupted. Switch your phone off, close windows to block out any outdoor noise, and lock the door if needs be – we all know distracting our kids can be! Find a simple, neutral background and ensure that your shot is well-lit. It’s best to have the light source coming from in front of you. Adjust the lighting if required once the shot is set up. (Do not have a window behind you)

2. Find the best shot for success Set up the shot so that you’re positioned in the centre of screen with some clear space above your head, and don’t sit too close to the screen. Raise your camera to head level to avoid looking down on the interviewer and to make it more natural – use a laptop stand, or a pile of books. Within Microsoft Teams, turn off the box that shows you, this avoids distraction and too much self-consciousness and allows you to focus more fully on the interviewer and the questions. Once set up, check again for lighting – coming from in front of you. If you wear glasses, try to position the lighting to remove any unwanted glare.

3. Have your CV on hand (Don’t try and search for it during the interview)

4. Practise popular interview questions (What did you do to keep positive/ motivated in lockdown etc).

5. Presentation is important – Dress neatly as you would for a face-to-face interview (even pants as you may be expected to move around).

6. Body Language is still important (Smile, maintain eye contact, sit up straight, etc)

7. Send an email afterwards your interview to thank everyone for their time

8. Questions? If you have any questions relating to the area (if you are relocating to questions about the position or company), write them down and ensure they are answered throughout/ after the interview.

Good Luck!

by Kelly Nortier

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